The Pelham High School Marching Band is the most visible performance group at Pelham High School and has a history of excellence through performance. The Marching Band presents two shows each year: a competition show and a football show. The 2017 Competition Show is entitled Flock. The 2017 Football Show will take audience members on a trip to the Big Apple and down Broadway featuring the music of Les Miserables, Hamilton, and Phantom of the Opera. All members of the band program participate in the marching band and its corresponding rehearsals and performances. The marching band consists of all wind players (woodwind & brass), percussionists, and members of the Visual Ensemble. All members of the marching band participate in mini-camp, band camp, and weekly afternoon rehearsals. The marching band performs at all football games, at least three marching competitions, as well as various pep rallies and community/school events. The Pelham High School Marching Band will provide a means for uniting members of the Pelham High School band Program from the 9th through 12th Grades. The marching band's focus is to provide entertainment, school spirit and a "state of the art" contemporary program while teaching students concepts in leadership, responsibility and music education.